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Container for wine bottles

Wire mesh, Pallox container made of zinc coated steel.

Foldable, robust, easy to handle, stackable our container features  reinforcement of panes and base.

The products are Ideal for logistics, collection of DEEE, storage, in the food industry, wine making and general industry.

The characteristics of our containers are studied according to your needs.

Our standard products, in various dimensions are available on stock.

Our containers can be customized and are maneuverable from all four sides.

The products are readily available for purchase or lease.

Our containers are tested at the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory - Norm XP H 50-14.


Technical characteristics

Outsides dimensions: 1140 x 850 x 980mm.

Internal dimensions: 1045 x 790 x 845mm.

Height, folded: 285mm.

Stackable:  4/1 static.

1/1 dynamic.

Load capacity: 800kg.

Finishing: zinc electroplated.


  • Shelves.
  • Separator.
  • Identification.


  • For rental.
  • Second hand.
  • Disponible à la location
  • Disponible en occasion
Conteneur standard renforcé