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Roll renforcé R307 avec grille 3E à debord

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The Company

Established in 1993, MSR is a private, independent company with its own manufacturing unit.

Based in Normandy, MSR designs, manufactures and market storage solutions made of 1st grade steels, wire, tubes and metal plate.

Our product development department is open to your needs always ready to grant you technical assistance, from the design stage to the actual execution of your projects. Our first priority and concern is to satisfy your demands in the shortest delays possible and to present you with the newest, metallic, best fitted and money saving.

Also, we can manufacture and provide logistic packaging and container systems.

Applicability fields:

  • laundry
  • food industry
  • distribution
  • wine storage containers
  • automotive industry
  • handling
  • recycling
  • storage
  • general industry

    We are always ready to assist you with specialized studies and counseling from the prototype phase al through mass production.

    Our products are standard or customized.

    We draw up our own tender books or, alternatively, we observe all the specs you provide us with.

    The reliability of our products is guaranteed through rigorous and continuous quality checks performed in each production stage.

Mass retail

Food products

Automotive container






Logistic packaging systems and roller fitted handling equipment

With a 20 year plus experience in material handling and storage, Multi Services Rolls is specialist in the manufacturing and marketing of logistic steel packaging systems, roller fitted trolleys for transport and handling, wire-mesh containers, etc... The roller fitted trolleys (or roller container), generally equipped with rollers are usually metallic and with wire mesh is the first option  when it comes to material transport and handling in the field of  industry, distribution and storage.

Our vocation is to manufacture logistic trolleys: Thanks to the know-how of our product development department we are able to cover the entire stages from design to manufacturing of all types of logistic containers and transport equipment either standard or customized. From the statement of your needs all the way through to the manufacturing of your product, each and every stage is carefully validated in strict observance of the top quality requirements..

The main types of trolleys are: with metallic or plastic rollers, made o wire mesh or metal plate, with two, three or four sides, either of large volume or security, isothermal trolleys, or wire mesh laundry trolley, etc.

The main types of transport or handling containers are : metallic or plastic,  wire mesh containers, large volume containers in rackable or rolling base version.

Leasing handling trolleys and storage containers is nowadays a real alternative to purchasing: To manage the stocks and the warranty of a material in constant good condition companies and industrial manufacturers are often more interested in leasing their handling equipments.... . Multi Services Rolls presents short or long term storage systems for trolleys and metallic containers.

Trolleys on second hand sale: cheaper than the new ones, the purchase of second hand material is more and more frequent among a large number of companies looking for economic solutions.

Handling and maintenance: For environment conservation purposes (drastic reduction of industrial waste) and to ensure sustainable operation of equipment, companies get recourse to reconditioning of the handling equipment.... The trolleys and containers are currently repaired and reconditioned thus giving them a new life cycle.

Here below you may find a few examples of use of handling trolleys and transport containers as used in the various applications:

  • The trolleys used in the distribution chains: reinforced or isothermal, blocking trolleys and security trolleys with two, three or four sides...
  • The food industry trolleys: Meat trolleys, trolleys, trolleys with hooks, security stackable or foldable trolley with isothermal or with high density polythene lining rolls), etc...
  • The storage and transport containers used in the automotive industry: metallic containers , either made of wire mesh or metal plate with or without  high rolling base, rackable trolleys, Gitterbox euro-pallets,  containers auto, tire racks...
  • The containers used in the wine making industry of viniculture:  Standard, reinforce  wire mesh containers (500 bottles of wine)or customized for Bordeaux or Bourgogne bottles (600 bottles of wine)
  • The storage trolleys and containers: Safety, stackable trolleys, rolling platforms. Palrack, zinc plated baskets...
  • The trolleys used in hospital or laundry units : wire mesh four side trolleys, hospital or hotel floor trolleys , linen case  trolleys...
  • Containers used in the general industry:  Metal plate trolleys (automotive containers) les stackable trolleys or ergonomic carts and all types of handling trolleys or transport containers.

    The main characteristics of our activity: logistic packaging and handling trolley manufacturer, rental of handling trolleys and transport containers....